Why chose a celebrant led wedding ceremony?

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The clue is in the name. Celebrant = celebrate. Your wedding ceremony should be about celebrating you as a couple, your love story, your future, your relationship with each other and the relationships you have with family and friends.

Here are a few of the key reasons to choose a celebrant led ceremony!

  • You can have your ceremony wherever you want.

You really can tie the knot anywhere. You can choose the beach, a mountain, inside, outside, or even your own home! Just somewhere that is special to you both.

  • You can have your ceremony whenever you want.

Celebrants don’t have a time limit. You can get married at dawn, right through to dusk and beyond. You have the freedom of flexibility – no clock watching with a celebrant ceremony. Anytime that suits you!

  • You can say what you want.

With a celebrant led ceremony you aren’t restricted by traditional words or vows. You can be as creative, as honest, as personal as you want.

  • Your wedding really will be ‘all about you’.

Sometimes a wedding ceremony can sound a bit familiar. Sharing ideas and getting to know your celebrant and them getting to know you, of course, means that your wedding really will be bespoke, personalised and just what you want. If you’re a little unsure of how to express thoughts then your celebrant should come to you with a wealth of ideas for poems, readings, rituals- handfasting, unity candle, sand blending, games – Who’s Who, I spy, songs- fancy a sing a long, et cetera!

  • You can include your loved ones or not!

Naturally your wedding is all about you but you may like to include your loved ones, children, parents, close friends perhaps.

You may like to have your wedding completely to yourselves. This usually takes the form of an elopement wedding where you, your celebrant and maybe a photographer, go somewhere special, often in the great outdoors, to make your solemn vows, just to each other and the elements.

  • You’ll have a friend for life.

You’ll be able to choose who marries you!  Your celebrant will be a familiar, reassuring face at one of the most important times of your life. You will have met and worked closely with your celebrant to create your bespoke wedding ceremony in advance, so you will know what you need to do and say on the day. This will really help calm any  nerves.

Let’s hope that this information has helped you decide to have a celebrant led ceremony for one the best days of your life.

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