Looking for unique? You need a wedding celebrant


What’s a wedding celebrant anyway?

Getting married? Congratulations! I’m often asked what a wedding celebrant is and how a celebrant led ceremony may differ to any other wedding. If you too are a little in the dark, let me illuminate you!

Making a lifetime commitment to the person you love is a beautiful and life-changing experience. You can make this commitment through marriage, civil partnership, or in a less formal way – whatever you choose, with a celebrant-led ceremony you can celebrate your love exactly wherewhen and how you want.

A wedding celebrant is a special person you choose to conduct your wedding. They create a ceremony for you, to suit you. The get to know YOU, and ensure your day, your union, your marriage is as personal as it can be. The really good ones are performers, designers, creatives and therapists! They will spend a lot of time getting to know their couples, in order to write an amazing ceremony that is all about you and your love story.

The biggest practical difference, is that a Celebrant led wedding is not legally binding in the same way as a religious or civil registry office wedding. So, you will need to do the legal part either before, during or after your celebrant led ceremony. You could attend your local registry office, with a couple of witnesses, to have your marriage signed and sealed or nowadays, registrars are super busy officiating weddings at the multitude of stunning ‘licensed for marriages’ venues. We are spoilt for choice locally. Therefore, if you plan your logistics well you could have the legal part done at a similar time, at the same venue as your celebrant bespoke ceremony.


How can I help?

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Welcoming little ones to the world and bringing the family together. Children are my specialist subject!

Bidding a fond farewell fit for your loved one. Allowing you to celebrate their life, personality and passions.