One Whole Year of Juliet Golding-Celebrant


One whole year of Juliet Golding- Celebrant!

A year ago, I officiated my first ceremony as a celebrant. Twelve months later, I’ve seen through each rite of passage in life. Funerals, weddings, vow renewals and naming ceremonies. Each was wonderful in its’ own way.

My first year did not pan out as I expected however, because, very sadly, my own mum was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer at the beginning of the summer and my celebrant work had to take a back seat. My brothers and I timetabled care for Mum between us. In August, she was given a terminal diagnosis and a short time to live due to the spread of the disease throughout her body. Everything then revolved around making her comfortable in her own home. Quite honestly, it was all very distressing and traumatic but we did our very best and she was, indeed, able to die in her childhood home at the end of October. Ironically, Mum chose not to have a funeral because she donated her body to medical science and research at the University of Liverpool Hospital. She was a primary school teacher in life and ‘a silent teacher’ in death. We will always be so proud of her and miss her terribly.

I’ve written before about how deeply fulfilling meeting with a grieving family is, planning a fitting send off for their loved one, creating a service with them that reflects who they were, what they achieved in life and love, the impact they made on others and their legacy. Since Mum died, I have found this process very comforting.

An Instagram post I wrote in September expressed what a humbling experience and an honour it is to lead a funeral.

‘All the ceremonies I write have love deep in their core. It’s tangible. I can feel it when I officiate. It fuels me to do what I do. I can feel the love as I stand with the bereaved, the scared, the excited, the hopeful and the optimistic individuals that I have been fortunate enough to meet in my first year of my celebrant life. I am blessed.’

Funerals are still the ‘bulk’ of my celebrant work but weddings are now coming a close second. I’ve had a flurry of bookings for this year, next and beyond. People are so super organised when it comes to their wedding! And quite right too, it’s one of the most important days of your life. Therefore, it deserves it’s very own ‘Journal’ entry. Watch this space.

As I sign off all my emails and greetings,

‘With joy’

Juliet (And I mean that most sincerely.)


How can I help?

Leading ceremonies that celebrate your love with weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies.

Welcoming little ones to the world and bringing the family together. Children are my specialist subject!

Bidding a fond farewell fit for your loved one. Allowing you to celebrate their life, personality and passions.